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Prime Cleaning Suppliers presented its latest product lineup at a spectacular Showcase event held at the Marriot Crystal Towers Hotel in Cape Town. New products and innovations were introduced to clients, complimenting Primes already extensive range of premier cleaning products. The showcase offered industry professionals and clients hands-on demonstrations of a new range of equipment, highlighting their cutting-edge features and efficiencies.

Some of the products seen at the Showcase included Arcora Ecoblack recycled mop trolley systems, PU floor pads, a unique multi-tool-belt and the versatile Scrub & Clean 2in1 microfibre cloth. New on the paper consumable front was the Ecobrown 100% recycled paper, covering a range of products including serviettes, folded paper, roller towel and other.

Recognising the vast potential in the Janitorial and Sanitation sector (Jansan), Prime is now offering a broader spectrum of products that specifically meet this sectors needs. Prime has already proven itself in the supply of paper products and dispensers.

Prime Cleaning Suppliers continues to set the standard for excellence in the South African cleaning industry by partnering with international companies that offer innovation and sustainability. In a globally connected market, Prime believes that this will keep them at the forefront of industry transformation.

The companys aim at providing strong sustainability includes the incorporation of eco-friendly, recycled and proven sustainable products to their portfolio. These additions not only offer sustainability, but are characterised by high quality standards and the inclusiveness of state-of-the-art technology, redefining cleanliness and hygiene.

Prime also has a focus on customer needs and as diverse as their needs are, so are the solutions that Prime offers. Prime Cleaning Suppliers professional consultants, are able to effectively and accurately determine cost effective and correct solutions to many industries and clients. Prime Cleaning Suppliers is not merely embracing change; it is driving it. By setting new standards, incorporating innovation, and strongly expanding into the Jansan sector, the company is carving a path for sustained growth and relevance.

As businesses and consumers alike seek more advanced and sustainable cleaning solutions, Prime Cleaning Suppliers stands ready to deliver excellence on a global scale.

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