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Hamilton’s Rugby Club in Green Point is the host for the 2018 event. Starting off as a rugby only tournament, it has since evolved into a multi-sport event, with the addition of netball in 2013, beach volleyball in 2016, dodgeball in 2017 and hockey, soccer, running and a unique fitness event in 2018.

But all work (on the pitch) and no play just wouldn’t be right, would it? The Cape Town 10s is also a superb place for a jol. The sport kicks off around 09:00, and the after-party goes on long past midnight. All the while, you’ll have booze in your hand and something good to watch. Remember: Save water, drink beer.

This year the Cape Town 10s Ruby Tournament was a huge success with our own team, the Prime Pumas, winning the Umfutho League. The final was played on the 3rd of February against Tygerberg RFC with a score of 12 to 5. Well done to our boys and we look forward to the nexts installment.


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