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8/10 of us have played at the 10s for the past 4 years, others were making their debut appearance. However, what made this year even more special, was that it was the first time we had been sponsored.

The Friday morning started out bright and early with our first match being at 08:00. The nerves were running high and the excitement even more so. We took to the court, proudly wearing our uniforms waiting for that first whistle to go. The match started and we couldn’t have asked for a better performance from every player out on the field, we won our first match with a convincing 24-9.

With the first game nerves behind us, we looked forward to our next game at 11:20. This one was a little tougher, but we managed to come out victorious with a hard fought battle and bagged the game 16-12.

With one game left for the day, we were feeling confident and hopeful that we’d take 3 from 3, also because that meant a later start for us on the Saturday morning. Before we knew it, the game had come and gone and we ended our Friday on a massive high and top of our pool with a win of 21-10.

Roll on Saturday and the knock out games.

We were up against the team who placed 2nd in their pool and watching them warm up we soon came to realise that this was not going to be a walk in the park. The game started and there were some silly mistakes made from us. We were rushing the passes and breaking the line before whistles were blown. With that being said, the game was hard fought and unfortunately we took our first loss under the belt. The final score was 19-16, now putting us in contention for the Plate semi-finals.

The ladies took the loss hard, and the heads were dropped down low. We only had ourselves to blame. We rounded up the team and reminded everyone why we were here. We had a drink and moved forward, as a team.

We headed back to our court for our semi-final game and were fired up to get things rolling again. We took to the court as a team hungry to win. We played with so much heart and determination that it was no surprise when the final whistle blew and we won the game 20-16. A new excitement broke amongst the team and our supporters.

Heading into the final, we were at an advantage in that we had played the same team the day before and ‘wiped the floor with them’ so to speak, but having said that – they had everything to play for as well and wanted to win the final just as much as we did.

The match was slow to start, but we crept up the point’s board allowing for no error in our shooting circle. The support for this match was unreal. Knowing that we had our friends and family shouting from the side-lines only made us play that much harder. The team we played against, didn’t stand a chance come half time when we had a healthy 12 point lead.

That certainly didn’t stop the determination from the ladies to keep playing hard and keep the scoreboard ticking over. We ended the Plate Final match, winning 25-12, with massive cheers and eruptions from the side-lines and inside each and every player on the field.

This obviously called for some celebrations, and we ended the night with some drinks and fines for our weekend of netball. Happy that we held Prime Cleaning Suppliers name high.


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