With the Duomatic Intense, cleaning professionals are on the crest of the cleaning technology wave. Highlights include the 55-litre fresh water tank and the upright handle which can be adjusted whilst cleaning
Technical Specifications
Area coverage (theoretical)   2500 m2/h  
Operating time / Battery life   120 min  
Working width   500 mm  
Fresh water tank   55 L  
Total power   900 W  
Weight in operational state   179 kg  
Total length   1320 mm  
Total width   565 mm  
Total height   1180 mm  
Battery voltage   24 V  
Speed forwards   5 km/h  
Number of brushes   2 pcs  
Suction width   790 mm  
Brush pressure   43 kg (0.63 N/cm2)  
Noise level   64 dB(A)  
Drive type   Drivemotor  
Features & Benefits
Over six control buttons make the machine ready to operate in a flash
The automatic dosage system ensures the correct proportion of water and chemicals
Manage the water volume, brush pressure and dosage, and monitor the load status of the battery
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